This is the supposed leaked pack of octavio ocaña that they talk about on Twitter

A week ago, it was reported that beloved actor Octavio Ocaña died after being pursued by the police in Cuautitlán Izcalli. However, despite the inconsistencies in the case, the Mexican people still expressed sympathy for “Benito River” and his family.

Currently, his relatives are living a painful duel, including his fiancée Nerea Godínez. In this sense, the young woman shared some moving memories of Octavio from his social network in recent days.

That’s all, this time Nerea showed all her preparations for the actor’s surprise birthday, which will be on November 7 of this year. With the message “Happy birthday my beautiful king”, Godínez revealed an original cake covered in fudge on her Instagram story. There you can see a professional cake camera with pictures of the actor and people close to him.

“Our plan still exists, my king. Whether you are present or not, everything we do together will be completed! I love you, the love of my life, from here to where you are”, she reads the personal information of @ nerea.gogo .

In addition to the nostalgic cakes, the scene was filled with silver and blue balloons, some of which said “Happy Birthday Octavio,” along with more photographs of actors at different stages of their lives.

Another post published by Nerea includes gifts that she bought for Octavio. There is an image with a printed sheet of paper and a personalized piece of tequila with their faces printed. “My king, you will never see all the gifts and surprises, my son … but in the end everything is for me, I know you saw it,” wrote the young woman.

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