Papa Jim is Dead or still alive? Rumors of his death because of Danny Duncan

YouTube host Danny Duncan and his close friend Jim Dad won the hearts of millions with antics, but internet trolls spread fake news about the death of retirees from time to time, thus ruining the party. Last night, Duncan shared a video on Instagram, saying that Jim was “living well.”

Who is Danny Duncan?

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Daniel Duncan is an American YouTube celebrity, comedy artist, prankster, and video blogger.
Duncan, from Englewood, Florida, graduated from Lemon Bay High School in 2010. His first job was at Walgreens.

Now the 28-year-old has nearly 6 million YouTube subscribers and owns his own clothing brand Virginity Rocks, which he often promotes in videos.

As of this writing, the videos on his YouTube channel have over 1.2 billion views, which is 1,263,317,845 to be precise. He began uploading videos in March 2014. Duncan’s net worth is estimated to be $ 7.5 million.

Who is Papa Jim?

Papa Jim is a man in his 90s. He often appears in Danny Duncan’s YouTube videos, doing all kinds of antics, from being naked to riding a quad bike.

The name may imply that he is a relative of Duncan, but in reality he is the grandfather of a close friend of YouTuber David Tomchinsky, who is Duncan’s executive assistant / social media manager.

Rumors of Papa Jim’s Death Dispelled as a Hoax by Danny Duncan

In February, there were rumors that Jim’s father died after Duncan uploaded an Instagram story with the caption “I miss your father” and a photo of the couple.

He eventually found out that the YouTuber was out of town and hadn’t seen Papa Jim in a while. One Redditor said the title was “a bad choice of words.”

This week, rumors about the death of Jim’s father circulated on the Internet again. One person caught the eye on Twitter saying, “RIP Daddy Jim, you’re Danny Duncan, rest in peace, Daddy Jim’s highlight.”

However, this morning it appeared that Danny, who had traveled back to the United States from London, got rid of the rumors on Instagram.

“Live Well” as they sat on the couch, he captioned Papa Jim’s Instagram story and said, “I need to shave.”

So, it seems that internet trolls have started the death rumors again, and Jim’s father is as upbeat as ever.

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