Lead drummer Pappu Sai dead in Lahore – cause of death

Dhol maestro Pappu Sain passed away today in Lahore. A one-man army who drove the power, vibrancy and rhythm of Pakistan for many years locally and internationally. His look, attire and dhol, every beat and rhythm would bounce, swing and sway Pakistan’s folk culture. RIP Sain

Pakistani lead drummer Pappu Sai has passed away. Pappu Sai was in treatment at PKLI Hospital, Lahore.

According to the doctors, Pappu Sai had liver cancer and his liver had 85% stopped working. It should be noted that Pappu Sai, whose real name was Zulfiqar Ali, was very skilled at playing drums. There are hundreds of his students around the world. It presents a soft and positive image of Pakistan to the world.

Pappu Sai has performed all over the world, including the United States and Europe, and has lectured on percussion in those countries. His name was also included in the Guinness Book of World Records. After Pappu Sai’s funeral prayers were offered in Lahore, his burial will take place in his hometown Chak Jamhro Faisalabad.

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