The history of Paris Dunn Chris Andersen, Whats happened? is dead?

The hit TV show Catfish tells many shocking stories, but one of the craziest is Chris Andersen’s catfish scandal. We rarely hear stories of celebrities whose lives were ruined by catfish, but this one has made the news and nearly ruined Andersen’s career.

Still, Andersen is no stranger to controversy. In 2006, while playing for the Denver Nuggets, he was suspended from the NBA for two years for drug use. Then, in 2012, Andersen made headlines again when he was the subject of an investigation into crimes against children. It turns out that Andersen was in fact the victim of an elaborate catfish scam, and he wasn’t even the only victim involved in the scandal.

Paris Dunn Chris Andersen

So how does a person control the conversation between two people, or even schedule their date, while making two people think they are in a relationship with each other?

There are many catfish stories that have you screaming on TV wondering how people could be so gullible, but this is certainly not one of those stories. Read on to learn more about one of the most bizarre catfish shenanigans ever happened.

Paris Dunn, known by her stage names Paris Roxanne and Paris Dylan, is a model from Riverside, California. She has an extensive social media presence, with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram alone. Dunn gets a lot of attention for her provocative photos, but she will find that not all attention is good attention. Dunn has appeared on the Catfish: TV show after many people stole her pictures and used them to fish other people. She originally came on the show to prove once and for all that she was the real Paris Dunn. However, after the infamous Chris Andersen catfish scandal, she will finally be on the show again.

Dunn’s massive media presence has forced her to spend more time online interacting with other people, especially those she admires. At one point, Dunn even started a habit of flirting with famous athletes she found attractive. One of the athletes happened to be NBA player Chris Andersen. Dunn eventually got a response from Andersen via a Facebook message. She was delighted to chat with the star, and they continued to chat via Facebook, email and eventually text messages, sharing their days with each other and sending selfies. Eventually, their conversation turned X-rated, and she ended up sharing nude photos as well.

Dunn then started getting messages from someone named Tom Taylor, a gamer who claimed to be Andersen’s best friend. Dunn never questioned the veracity of Taylor and Andersen’s friendship because she thought it was impossible for Taylor to know about her unless Andersen told him.

It was also Taylor who encouraged Dunn to take her online romance with Andersen to the next level. Taylor let Dunn know that he knew Andersen really wanted to see her and that he could arrange the meeting. Andersen eventually bought Dunn a plane ticket, and she went to spend the weekend with him.

Dunn was in Denver for a weekend visit, and Andersen picked her up on time. Over the weekend, their conversations began to appear conflicting. For example, once Andersen asked Dunn when she was going to Africa, Dunn was confused, explaining that she had no plans to go to Africa. At one point, Andersen was playing on his Xbox and mentioned that Dunn’s sister was also online. Once again, Dunn doesn’t know what Andersen is talking about, and tells him her sister doesn’t even have an Xbox.

The confusion continued to intensify when Dunn mentioned Andersen’s so-called best friend, Tom Taylor, who had no idea who Taylor was. Dunn thought Andersen was joking with her and ignored it.

When Dunn returned home after the weekend, she continued to chat regularly with Andersen and Taylor. One day, she excitedly told the two of them that her friend had given her tickets to a Clippers game and that she was going to meet NBA player Blake Griffin. Andersen and Taylor were so upset about it that Taylor even threatened Dunn that he would let her be raped and murdered. Taylor then further threatened that Andersen had shared nude photos of Dunn with him and that he had posted them online along with all of her personal information, such as her name and address. After seeing nude photos of her online, Dunn told her mother what had happened and they called the police.

After police stepped in and started looking at all emails, chats and phone records, they quickly discovered that everything was associated with IP addresses located in Canada. It turned out that Dunn and Andersen had been communicating through a third party, a complete stranger who had invested heavily in their relationship. The stranger created fake emails, phone numbers and Facebook accounts to pretend to be Dunn and Andersen. Strangers initially noticed Dunn’s comments on Andersen’s real Facebook account and created a fake account for Andersen to message Dunn. From there, strangers also began pretending Dunn was talking to Andersen. Dunn and Andersen were both caught by each other.

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