Parker Magnuson obituary – 17-year-old killed in Surrey crash

After being involved in a fatal car accident on August 21, Surrey teenager Parker Magnuson was remembered as a son, brother, nephew, best friend, boyfriend and hockey player in an emotional funeral. 17-year-old Magnuson and 16-year-old Caleb Reimer and Ronin Sharma crashed into a tree at 16000 block of 104 Avenue in Fraser Heights before 3 am.

MRandom News Parker Magnuson obituary - 17-year-old killed in Surrey crash

The three had previously trained at the Delta Hockey Academy . Magnussen’s funeral was attended by his family in person, and more than 500 people watched it live online on Wednesday (September 1). In a speech that he said would make himself and those present, his father Kent said that Parker was “a bargaining chip in the old neighborhood.”

“I also think that at the age of 17 you have surpassed me in many ways. You are smarter than me, you are a straight man in all your subjects, a better athlete than me… and you are almost better-looking than I was before. ” Kent said his role as Parker’s father is to “protect your legacy and ensure that your life is not defined by a single tragic event.” “I know that you are troubled by your role and the trouble it has caused us all. It is very important for you to know that we forgive you…I will always be your father, and I am very happy to be 17 years with you.” Now-Leader learned that the blue Ford Focus RS involved in the fatal accident belonged to Magnussen or his family, but the police would not publicly disclose who drove it at the time. Magnuson’s sister Kay registered him as “a kind and beautiful person.”

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