Who is Patricia Allen and Josh Allen – dead and Obituary – cause of death

John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital unveiled the “Patricia Allen Pediatric Rehabilitation Wing” to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen on the 10th floor of the hospital yesterday.

After the death of Josh’s grandmother Patricia Allen, Bill fans around the world donated $1.1 million to the hospital last year.” It is an honor and honor to visit the Patricia Allen Pediatric Rehabilitation Wing. My family and I cannot even begin to express our gratitude for the support provided to us by this community,” said Josh Allen.

“The dedication and commitment that Oishei’s staff showed to their families and patients during their stay in the hospital absolutely reflects the meaning of living in Buffalo, a good neighbor city.

Thank you very much, go to Bill!”There is also a game room in the wing, which is now renamed the “Bill Fans Entertainment Area” to commemorate the 27,000 fans who donated money to commemorate Patricia.

In December, Oishei Children’s Hospital worked with Jo​sh and his family to launch the Patricia Allen Fund at the Hospital Foundation to benefit the intensive care team and provide continuous support for equipment, training, education, and projects.

The team provides life-saving care for the most severe patients in the region, including the hospital’s pediatric intensive care unit, emergency department, and level I pediatric trauma center.

As a Bill fan who was born and raised, the strong support of fans from all over the world after Patricia’s death last year is a good reminder of who we are-a city of good neighbors,” said Allegra C. Jaros, director of Oishei Children’s Hospital, “Yesterday, We are proud to show the’Patricia Allen Pediatric Rehabilitation Wing’ and the’Bill Fans Entertainment Zone’ to Josh Allen and his family in recognition of the great support of the Bill fans. It will always be a special part of Oishei Children’s Hospital.

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