Paul Carson is dead – Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Nowadays, saying that someone has “vision” is an overused term, but occasionally a few people think it is indeed correct.

Paul Carson of Vancouver is a man who sees things before others and insists on his beliefs, even if others are openly skeptical. Scan Canadian Sports TV and Radio now. Well-known media figures who discovered and trained as polished live diamonds by the “Great Cassoni” at a young age can be seen everywhere. In addition to his other achievements, they may be his most enduring legacy.

Carson was born in London, Ontario, started his broadcasting career in Cranbrook at the age of 20, and then moved to Victoria in 1973. At that time, the coverage of sports news was limited to short films of three to five minutes at six o’clock. Clock news. No TSN, no all-sports radio, no internet. Carson began to explore how to bring more to sports fans.

In 1980, he started his 19-year sports director and anchor status, serving as the current iconic Sports Page, CKVU, U TV and Global TV half-hour full sports review program. The program is broadcast every night at 11 pm and soon became Must-watch TV for many people in British Columbia. Director Carson’s show focuses on the highlights of North American and world sports, but also ensures coverage of local high schools, colleges and amateur sports. They did this with a fast-paced, cutting-edge and relaxed style. Not surprisingly, it quickly established a connection with the audience. This style has seriously influenced Canada’s national programs on TSN and Rogers Sportsnet, which can still be seen today.

“Audiences used to say,’It looks like you guys had a great time,'” recalled Dave Randolph, a longtime host of the sports homepage, who continued to work nationally at TSN. “Well, we did it. Every night.”

The list of live celebrities first discovered by Carson for Sports Page is well-known locally, nationally or internationally, and it reads like the Who’s Who in the Canadian sports media. This list includes Chris Herb, Barry McDonald, Don Taylor, Dave Randolph, John Shorthouse, Craig McEwan, Blake Price, Sean · McCormick, Dan Murphy, Scott Lintour, Dan Elliott, Jay Durant and Shane Foxman. Everyone thanked Carson for providing their start.

Taylor said: “Everything I have in this great life is attributed to Paul Carson in some way.”

After leaving the Sports Page in 1999, Carson ventured into the untapped all-sports broadcasting market, which had almost no foothold in Canada outside of Toronto. In the spring of 2001, as the president of Grand Slam Radio, the original steering group cooperating with CHUM Radio, Carson led the creation of the TEAM 1040 broadcasting network in Vancouver. He has held multiple roles in TEAM, including live broadcast character, community relations leader, event manager, and sales director. The current growth and success that the team enjoys today is largely due to Carson’s original vision and foundation.

In 2010, 60-year-old pancreatic cancer took away Carson’s legacy prematurely. Just turn on any sports TV or radio news program in Canada. You won’t see or hear him with your own eyes, but don’t worry, he is there, living on the music scores he guides and the program with his style imprint.

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