Paul Sartin dead and obituary, instrumentalist, composer and arranger

Sartin received an MA in Traditional Music from Newcastle University in 2005 and is a visiting professor at the university.

The sequel to Doctor Faust. Faustus was founded in 2006 by combining Sartin and Kirkpatrick with Saul Rose. The band produced an album, Faust, in 2008, took a hiatus in 2010-11, and produced their second album, Broken Down Gentlemen, in 2013. In Faustus, Sartin shares lead vocals with his oboe, cor anglais and violin duties. All three members received the British Folk Dance and Song Society’s 75th Anniversary Award in 2007 for their significant contribution to the development and continuation of traditional British folk music, song and dance. Faust was nominated for Best Group at the 2009 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

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In 2010, Sartin joined Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings, with whom he toured occasionally. Belshazzar’s Feast was also nominated for Best Duo at the 2010 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

The Bellowhead Songbook edited by Sartin was published by Faber Music and released in 2014. Made In The Great War, a play based on a pre-war violin story owned by Sam Sweeney, has been touring every year since 2014. Sartin plays oboe, cor anglais and violin in the composition.

He also composed many works, especially for the theatre. Works include Hartlepool Monkey at Streetwise Opera nominated for a BASCA Award; Transport recreated by Peter Bellamy for the Sidmouth Folk Festival in 2011; Landscape Changes… or Dobin at Broadstairs Folklore Things to see at the festival; and Mary’s Seven Joys of the Oxford Somerville College Choir.