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In order to create an Indian single malt whisky that would delight even the truest whisky connoisseur, Mr. Paul P. John worked hard to elevate to the next level of the single malt whisky world. Guided by his unique passion and the extraordinary craftsmanship of Master Distiller Michael D’Souza, he embarks on a journey to create the great Indian single malt whisky.

Exquisite craftsmanship, carefully selected local ingredients and the warm environment of Goa create the magic of Paul John’s single malt whisky. Goa was specifically chosen as the home of our single malt whisky not only for its unique microclimate, but also because the destination holds a special place in Mr Paul’s heart.

Since Goa has always enjoyed the warmth of the beaches, food and people, setting up a malting factory was perfect. Our six-row barley comes from the green foothills of the Himalayas. Harvested in summer to ensure perfect ripening, barley is responsible for several of the whisky’s inherent characteristics.

Water is another important ingredient in the production of single malt whisky, and we use pure water tables and rainwater sources. The Indian-made copper pot stills are specially designed with a long neck to produce a fruity spirit that is then aged in carefully selected American white oak barrels.

During aging, oak imparts a range of natural colours to the evolving whisky, from gleaming copper, rich amber to dark mahogany, as well as spices, jams, chocolate, coconut, dried fruit, vanilla and honey and other unique aroma. The ideal warm weather on the coast of Goa means our whisky matures faster than whiskies produced in colder regions.

Non-cold filtered helps preserve the original colour and flavour of our single malt whisky. Our conscious decision to produce high-quality single malt whisky at an affordable price allows us to learn more about the deliciousness of single malt whisky. The brand has entry-level wines, a flagship collection of five wines, a selection of casks, and the occasional award-winning limited edition.