Pepillo Origel reveals threats after being vaccinated in the United States

Driver Juan José “Pepillo” Origel, traveled to the City of Miami in the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19; which sparked countless criticisms, even claiming that he received threats.

In the moment in which Pepillo got the first dose, the vaccination campaign in Mexico had not started, while in the United States only residents were being vaccinated.

Juan José Original Vaccine
Image from Juan José Origel’s Twitter

The driver’s attitude annoyed thousands of people, including some of his friends left him for abusing their purchasing power to “skip the line”; even the mayor of the city strongly criticized him for taking a drug that at that time was only for people living in that country.

Besides all this, Pepillo Origel assured that he also received death threats for your action.

“Do you know what they told me? The day I see you I’m going to kill you because you stole the vaccine from my mother. People wrote to me and I didn’t even read them anymore “, commented on one of the dozens of messages he received.

He also explained why he decided to make the controversial decision to go get the vaccine.

“I didn’t steal, I didn’t kill, I didn’t do anything wrong. I did not know when the vaccine would arrive in Mexico; I applied, they said yes and I went and got vaccinated“.

Finally, he denied having received any punishment from the US authorities. He even assured that although there was talk about having his visa taken away, that is not true and he has his normal papers.

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