Peter helliar car accident dead, Reacts To Rumours He Died Over

MRandom News Peter helliar car accident dead, Reacts To Rumours He Died Over

Comedian and The Project host Peter Helliar responded to rumors of his death over the weekend in the funniest way possible. The comedian was trending on Twitter Friday night after he claimed he died in a car crash. Unless he kicks alive!

Tributes have poured in for the star, and no one has been more shocked than Peter Helyar himself. But in true form, he turned it into a joke, tweeting that he was still alive.

Along with a photo of himself holding a beer, Helliar wrote: “Life after death goes well. Not dead. Carry on.

It’s been a tumultuous year for The Project after original host Carrie Bickmore announced in February that she was leaving the show.

She explained that she and partner Craig had long dreamed of living in the UK with their family and finally took the risk before Bickmore’s eldest son started his final years of school.

The mother of three said she was inspired by radio star Kate Langbroek, 56, who lived with her family in Bologna, Italy, for two years. The media personality shares daughters Evie, 6, and Adelaide, 3, with her partner Chris Walker, ABC and Television Producer for Channel 10.

She welcomed eldest son Oliver, 14, during her marriage to the late Greg Lange, who died of brain cancer in 2010. Bickmore has been a panelist on The Project since its inception in 2009 and is set to return to the show after a few months abroad.