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Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating with longtime Chronicle co-anchor Peter Mehegan. Peter & his trusty ’69 Chevy logged a lot of miles together around Maine. For those of you who missed those years & those who miss the Chevy, tonight is a look back #WCVB #Chronicle5

Peter Mehegan serves as a correspondent for the American news magazine TV show Chronicle. He began training in 1987, and the training has become an image of a supporter of the main streets and back roads and an observer of the chronicles. As pointed out by the Massachusetts Broadcasting Corporation Hall of Fame, Peter’s data is accumulated from different Internet hotspots to help the overall audience.

He has appeared on Boston TV for nearly forty years, most notably as a co-host of WCVB-Chronicle TV and Massachusetts Broadcasting Corporation Hall of Fame member Mary Richardson for a long time. In 1967, the Scituate resident and Boston native began his television career as a writer and news producer for WBZ-TV, and then continued to make live announcements and protections for the channel.

Peter won an Emmy for announcing the battle at the Seabrook Thermal Power Plant in New Hampshire during WBZ. In 2002, he received funding from Columbia DuPont University for including Boston’s Big Dig. A columnist moved to WCVB-TV in Boston in 1981, where he worked as a reporter and anchor.

In 1982, he was appointed as the co-anchor of the Chronicle news magazine until his retirement in 2005. On the road, he drove a fixed 1969 Chevy Impala on the dirt roads of Maine for nearly two years of adventure, which is Mehegan’s most compelling chronicle. Nevertheless, at this time he has no life story on Wikipedia. Maybe you can access his data there in the future. Currently, readers can find more information about him from other online resources.

In different online photos, Peter appears to be an elderly resident, ranging in age from 60 to 65 years old. However, there is no place on the Internet to record his true age or date of birth. If we can find some clues, the entire population will know his age. According to other online sources, the columnist has a girl named Julie Mehegen, which shows that he is married.

In December 2019, Julie was appointed as the executive editor of WCVB Channel 5’s honorable Chronicle (M-F, 7:30-8pm), the country’s oldest private news magazine. However, his interest group currently does not know the data of his significant other and other relatives. According to Net Worth Post data, starting from 2021, Peter’s total assets are $1.6 million.

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