Peter Stefanovic Boris Johnson video – Video detailing ‘lies’

The harsh video of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson led by Donkeys, a political movement against Brexit in the United Kingdom, has been projected onto the Parliament. Led By Donkeys shared a projection video on their Twitter page with the caption: “The Prime Minister is a liar.

Thank you Peter Stefanovic for explaining this to millions.” The video was created by London film producer and lawyer Peter Stefanovic, who shared the video on his Twitter page, which has accumulated more than 31 million views. In the editing, Johnson made various claims about poverty, climate change and the British health system, which Stefanovic debunked one by one. In one aspect, Johnson stated that “under the leadership of the current government, absolute poverty and relative poverty have declined.”

Watch: After a Taumarunui alpaca was sentenced to death by the court and the British Ministry of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, it caused an uproar in the UK. Stefanovic then interjected, marking Johnson’s statement as “another lie.” “The relative poverty population has increased from 13.6 million in 2010 to 14.5 million in 2019.

His claims about the decline in poor families seem to have been compensated,” Stefanovic said. According to the British newspaper The Big Issue, this is not the first time Johnson has been condemned for his erroneous statements on the issue of poverty. Last month, the UK’s official statistics watchdog, the statistics watchdog, issued a formal warning to Downing Street about Johnson’s misleading remarks on child poverty in Parliament.

The video shows Johnson’s statement on climate change, including his statement: “Since 2010, we have reduced the country’s carbon dioxide emissions by 42% compared to 1990 levels.” However, Stefanovic stated that this was not the case, claiming that “CO2 emissions fell by 39% between 1990 and 2018.”

Stefanovic’s statistics can be found on a public website provided by the British government. Although the video has been reposted by many local media, Stefanovic was outspoken on his Twitter page because it was “ignored” by the national broadcaster BBC.

He wrote in a recent tweet: “We work together to send a powerful message to the British news program. If they don’t hold the prime minister responsible for his rampant lies in Parliament, we will do it ourselves.”

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