Petra Mayer the editor NPR is dead – Obituary – Cause of death

I’m devastated to hear about the untimely passing of the amazing Petra Mayer. She was my editor at NPR, but she was also my friend for many years. I wouldn’t have my reviewing career without her. She was kind, smart, funny, and passionate about books. She will be sorely missed.

I’m heartbroken. Petra Mayer was my editor at NPR and one of the best people I worked with. She made me confident as a writer and critic and was a champion of happy ever afters. I can’t believe this.

Petra Mayer (she/she) is the editor of NPR Books (also a resident nerd), focusing on novels, especially genre novels. She brings enthusiasm, speed reading skills and a truly impressive collection of Doctor Who gadgets to the work. You can also hear her in occasional episodes of radio and pop culture happy hour.

“We tell stories in a way no one else can, we lift up voices no one else does, we’ll bring you the news but we’ll also bring you the joy in a way no other medium can. -Petra Mayer, books editor and spirit of @NPR

Prior to this, she was the associate producer and director of all things considered during the weekend. She handled all the book reports on the show, and she is also the person who asks if you want to know how much snow is outside the NPR Washington headquarters on Saturday, how to do belly dancing or professional wrestling up close and personal.

Mayer first came to NPR as an engineering assistant in 1994, while still studying at Amherst College. After three years of honing her welding skills in a repair shop in the summer, she moved to WBUR in Boston in 1997 as a news writer.

Meyer returned to National Public Radio in the United States in 2000 and went through a circuitous journey, including a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a two-year master’s degree in journalism. -One year as an audio archiver and producer at Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Radio Prague headquarters. She still knows how to solder.

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