Phillip Jones Obituary 2021 – Is dead? What happened?

Three weeks before the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen in 2009, approximately 1,000 emails among scientists in the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA) were stolen and leaked to the public . It is called the “climate gate” and has a single purpose: to question the data collected by Professor Philip Jones and his colleagues, played by Jason Watkins, on the screen, and then to produce a global response to climate change. Negative impact.

The reaction to Jones’s “hockey stick” chart was a reconstruction of global temperature, so much so that many people suddenly thought it was an unreliable source and believed that global warming was exaggerated.

When the information was released, the media and the subsequent public captured two details: the term “trick” and the term “hidden decline.” Although the former usually means deception, in the above context, it is used to describe the “smart way of doing something”, such as a “shortcut”, or to provide a “solution to a problem.” The latter is about tree rings, which constitute an important part of Jones’ discovery.

In the play, he explained that before the introduction of modern technological development, tree rings were used as a window to understand the impact of the past increase in greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. These numbers eventually became unreliable, which is why Jones chose to ignore them. But as the character pointed out in The Trick, there are no big “traps” or “Aha!” Climate change skeptics can give up, because the current thermometer record tells you all you need to know about our direction.

During that time, Jones and his family received death threats, which he described in a recent interview with UEA as “very shocking and terrifying for all of us”, and Jones also had suicidal thoughts. “Throughout my career, being a good and ethical scientist is very important to me,” he explained. “When I was called a liar or a liar, I felt that I was attacked to the core.

I struggled and didn’t know how to respond. I found that only by watching unconscious TV or puzzles can I fall asleep and relax. I turned off.” “At the time, the mail was terrible,” he said in an interview with The Observer in early October. “Everyone is attacking me and I can’t deal with it. I received Christmas cards full of swear words, and to this day — on the November anniversary of the hacking — I still receive some offensive messages.

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