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Bass-baritone Derek Welton embarked on his tour of the big Australian stages in 2004 after discovering his passion for singing after language studies and social work.

Then, an unexpected scholarship and Australian Song Competition victory helped Welton go on to London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Soon after, the singer was auditioned as the ideal voice for the German repertoire.

Today, he ends his five-year contract with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, singing for the second time in his career Orestes, responsible for the killing in Richard Strauss’ opera Erika. mother’s brother.

In an interview with OperaWire, Weldon talks about character development, Greek tragedy and his time at the very special Salzburg Jubilee Festival.

OperaWire: It’s been very hot these days. Do you process your voice differently when the weather is hot?
Derek Weldon: In general, some singers are more sensitive to weather changes than others. I’m from Australia and I love fresh air. That’s why I’ve seen German singers panic when they see an open window or feel the wind. When the weather is hot, you need to stay hydrated and make sure you drink enough water. On the day of the show, I will be more careful and not go hiking etc. But my voice is less sensitive to weather changes.

DW: Since we have a show every five days, there is plenty of time to recover. I have a routine of creating pieces that I plan to revive in the future. After Salzburg I will return to Vienna to perform Elektra on stage, so I have to watch the making video and get ready. As my orchestral position at the Deutsche Oper Berlin is about to expire, I currently have a lot of paperwork to fill out. But it’s a mix – I’ll also make sure I get some sleep, a good cup of coffee, or a hike somewhere out of town. Hiking is a must when in Salzburg – nature is too beautiful to miss!