Piqué’s controversial message after Barcelona’s title: “It’s not the most important thing”

Pique spoke with local media after the resounding victory of the Barcelona in the final of the Copa del Rey “It is not the most important competition”, sentenced the defender of the Barcelona team. The player acknowledged how tough the season has been and assured that it is a more than deserved cup, taking into account all the difficulties that the club has gone through in recent months.

«I think it has been a difficult year. It is a bit like life. Sometimes you fall down and you have to get up. The team has had the ability to turn things around. The team is another. The game in most games is good, not all, but that works. I am very happy for the team, for the youngsters, for the veterans, ”said the player who also suffered various injuries this season.

«The young people have shown their faces in the difficulty and have shown that they can spend many years in the first team. In addition, there is a new Board, with a president who comes with great enthusiasm. It’s like starting over, doing a reset. I think there is still a League. If we finished the season with the League and the Cup, it would be a more than good season. It started very difficult, but I think we have turned the situation around, “acknowledged Piqué.

He commented on how the game was lived in the previous one: «In the dressing room we were confident that today would be a game in which the team would give up. We played very well. We knew that the moment we scored, the match would be more expensive ”, dino. In addition to sending a warm message: «I congratulate everyone. I am very happy and proud. Perhaps it is not the most important competition, but these small victories mean a lot, “he said.

Finally, he referred to Ronald Koeman, although he contextualized how complex his transition process was, he also highlighted the importance of each member of the team to continue advancing in various competitions and, incidentally, to get a new title: «It came at a difficult time and together we have been able to turn around to the situation. Part of the credit, obviously, is his.

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