Piqué’s gesture and the player who does not look at the camera: the curiosities of the official photo of the Barcelona squad

Last Tuesday the official photo of the Barcelona, the team of the 2020/21 season and different curiosities arose. Laporta boasts his return with the first team, the gesture of Pique with his hands in the best style of «Ronaldinho or Neymar», some things that fans have highlighted on social networks. Not to mention that he confirmed the permanence of one of his players.

Matheus Fernandes appears on the postcard, which means that the Brazilian is still part of the squad, another who gave something to talk about was Dembelé, who with a lost gaze generated more than one meme. But without a doubt, the fact that they have added Coutinho with Photoshop was the most commented curiosity. Some mocked the way it was included, while others criticized the editing of the photo.

Messi He is leaving, he has a face in this photo that I don’t like at all, Couthino is out of the photo they don’t like him, Of those in the photo next year only the Presi, Pedri, Messi, Stegen and the photographer, La quality of the photo if the truth is scary enough, Coutinho’s Photoshop is the summary of his season », some of the comments from Barcelona fans.

One of the doubts around the photograph is, will it be Messi’s last? as affirmed by the followers who try to decipher each message, celebration and word of the Argentine. In June his contract expires and teams such as PSG or Manchester City continue to generate news about the future of the forward. Now, everything is uncertain including the possibility of seeing Lio with the culé shirt next season.

The team prepares for the last leg of the season. Losing the Clásico to Real Madrid took away the option of improving their position in the standings, a tough defeat that leaves them with alternatives, but with a more complex outlook. Next weekend they will play the final against Athletic Bilbao for the Copa del Rey, corresponding to the 2021 edition.

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