Pokémon fan recreates Misty in amazing cosplay

Pokémon has been around for a long time, and if we think about it, more of our life with Pokémon has passed, than without!

The show’s influence on our lives is immense, and even though some of us have grown up and reached adulthood, the nostalgia for the golden times remains.

Misty, for example, was one of the favorite characters of those who followed the first seasons back in the 90s. Although she never showed up in the anime again, she still marks and influences generations, being targeted and cosplayed frequently.

The artist @kainosaurus_ proves this by doing this wonderful character-based job, which is basically the same as bringing Misty to life. The look of the leader of the gym in Cerulean was never something very elaborate, but the highlight this time is that the artist seems to have managed to capture Misty’s personality with precision.

The artist’s profile on Instagram is filled with other impressive and equally accurate works. It is worth checking!

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The Pokémon anime is divided into chronologically sequential series in Japan, each depicting one of the generations of monsters in the game.

In the anime, we follow the adventures of Ash, who dreams of becoming the best Pokémon trainer of all time, Pikachu, his faithful friend, and his companions.

In all, the anime has more than 23 seasons, and can be watched on Netflix.

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