Pol Espargaró’s funny advice to Marc Márquez on his return: “Don’t run fast”

This Friday the return of Marc Márquez to the paddock of MotoGP. The Spanish went out to shoot in the first round of free practice and not only showed that he is up to the task, but that he ran for the first places. His teammate Pol Espargaro, gave him a fun tip before going out on the track: «Don’t run fast«.

Pol and Marc crossed paths very close to the team’s Motorhomes Repsol Honda. In the distance, the multi-champion saw him approach ‘Polyccio‘and did not hesitate to greet him. Screaming his nickname, the number 44 He approached to congratulate his companion, and to ask him how he was. Márquez joked with him, and even told him that he had blisters on his hands.

As both pilots are from the area of Barcelona (Espargaró de Granollers and Márquez from Cervera), the crossing occurred in Catalan. “It was a long wait,” Espargaró told Márquez on their reunion. In addition, he asked him how was his first trip since his injury, something that he had not experienced for nine months.

However, the crossing had a very funny ending, as Espargaró advised Márquez. However, this ‘advice’ was not to benefit him, but to help other competitors, including him. “See you later. Don’t run fast, “Pol said with a laugh. To which Márquez responded with lots of laughs, revealing the good atmosphere in Honda.

Márquez also wanted to joke with Pol and responded forcefully. “No man no. I know what happens. I already saw you suffer a little in Qatar«, Referring to the problems with the Honda that he had in the first two dates. This weekend, Márquez will ride the same bike he used Stefan bradlthough it will install its own configuration.


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