Premieres! Series, films and documentaries coming to Netflix in April

UNITED STATES.- The month of April has already begun and of course the premieres on the various platforms of streaming do not wait. For this reason, in the Intra News we are going to tell you what the series, films and documentaries that come to Netflix. Many of these were already being eagerly awaited by users.


01-04: Cornered; The island of Nim; The American; Evening; People Places Things; The life of David Gale; Warrior souls, The season of the wind – The season of flowers – The season of birds; Rambo III. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas; The power of Tai Chi; Terganjung. 02-04: Madame Claude; Just say yes; Asphalt cowboy. 03-04: Dora and the lost city. 06-04: The last geeks in the world – Happy apocalypse! 09-04: Thunder Patrol; Have you ever seen fireflies ?; Night in paradise.

Also, other titles of Netflix as for films in April they will be 12-04: I leave it whenever I want; Nezhu: The rebirth of a god. 04-14: Of love and monsters; Transfer of souls. 04/15: With you to death. 04-16: Into the Beat – Your heart dances; Arlo, the alligator boy. 04-22: Stowaway. 04-23: Tell me when you. 03-29: The appearance of things. 04-30: The Mitchells against the machines.


02-04: The snake. 04-05: Family reunion season 3. 04-07: Easy money. 08-04: From yakuza to householder. 09-04: Heaven Officials Blessing. 04-13: My love – Six great love stories; Dad, cut yourself a little! 04-16: Why Are you Like this; Fast & Furious – Spies at full throttle season 4. 04-18: Luis Miguel: The series season 2. 20-04: Vis a vis: the oasis. 04-21: Zero. 04-23: Shadow and bone. 04-30: The innocent.

Documentaries and other premieres

01-01: Chamber of terror, season 2; The garments that marked us. 05-04: Coded bias. 07-04: Many, children, a monkey and a castle; The Big Trouble – The Indian Wedding Industry, Season 2; Marry or die; This is a heist – The world’s biggest art heist. 04-14: Why did you kill me? 04-16 Dolly Parton: A tribute musicians. 04-22: Life in full color, with David Attenborough; In search of Sheela. 04-30: Star pets.

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