Priyanka Chopra is leaked? Photos and videos whit Nick Jonas

After Nick Jonas was teased about his acting career, Priyanka Chopra “laughed so painfully.”

In promoting the Jonas Brothers family barbecue, celebrities and comedians will take pictures of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. In the new trailer, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson pokes fun at Nick and Kevin’s career. The entire Jonas family attended to see the Jonas Brothers barbecue, including Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra, Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner, and Kevin’s wife, Daniela. Priyanka also shared photos from her latest event with her “Sister J”.

Pete, who wore the “I love Jonas” t-shirt, called himself a “super fan” and said, “Every time I go to the supermarket, I listen to the Jonas Brothers songs.” He later joked with Nick: “I mean yeah, show some respect, that’s okay. Nick is now a legal actor. He has won every award from the Children’s Choice Award to the Youth’s Choice Award.”

Nick Jonas shared this video on Instagram and wrote: “According to the record, I technically won 19 Youth Choice Awards. #JonasBrothersFamilyRoast is coming to Netflix on 11/23 #ROASTED @NetflixIsAJoke.” Kevin shared the video and asked fans to comment on ‘#ROASTED’ if they want him to appear on the cover of Jealous.

Priyanka Chopra is also a member of the Jonas Brothers Family Roast and shared a photo on Instagram Stories. “Are you ready to see @jonasbrothers #TOOSTAR? All the laughs still hurt me. #JonasBrothersFamilyRoast premiered on @netflix on November 23,” she wrote.

Nick Jonas started acting at the age of seven and released his first single in 2002. Later, he formed a band with his brothers Kevin and Joe, and released his first album in 2006. Movies Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2 Made for Television and his own show Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream.

The description of the barbecue reads like this: “The Jonas Brothers Family Barbecue is an epic and unique special comedy. Celebrate the universal truth that no one can penetrate your skin like your own family. You will see To the multi-platinum world superstar of the Jonas Brothers, like you’ve never seen it before, through skits, songs, games and special guests, all of which is so they will never forget. “

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