MMS leaked Priyanka Pandit viral on twitter, Video of the song ‘Lela Sawad Raja’

Some celebrities are active on social media, often posting funny posts to spoil their followers. Bhojpuri actress Priyanka Pandit is also one of them and she often delights her fans with stunning images and dancing videos. But last year, a private video of the actress went viral on social media. She has faced criticism ever since.

Several private videos of Bhojpuri actresses have gone viral in the past. Many people don’t comment on these things. But Priyanka won’t keep quiet about it. The actress claims someone added her name to the videos just to defame her. “Someone tried to tarnish my image,” she said on social media. Pandit revealed her career was ruined.

The actress has taken legal action and has lodged a written complaint with the police. Priyanka broke her silence to make it clear she wasn’t in the viral video. Someone just does these things to ruin their image.

Priyanka started her acting career in 2013 in Bhojpuri film Jeena Teri Gali Mein starring Pradeep Pandey Chintu. She won the Best Newcomer Award for her debut novel.

Meanwhile, on the front line, Priyanka Pandit has collaborated with Raju Singh on several films including Dil Mat Dena Meri Sautan Ko, Behnoi Ji, Mere Pyaar Ko Tum Bhula Toh Na Doge and Policegiri.