Who is Zenjin pseudoscorpion – Whats happened? Song Meanings, Videos, Full

The album, which was always shunned, found itself out of control. About a year ago, there was a line on it. Download link: Long time no see. 4chan? Prohibited words. file? Shit, you just get memes and pretentious guys calling you “new gay”. Supposedly, it used to be available on Soulseek, but apparently it doesn’t anymore. I can’t check because I don’t have a computer that can use the program. Is it just schizophrenia, or more?

This album is real, many people who listened to it explained the tracks like everyone else (even on the Spanish forum site), I personally don’t want to listen to it, but know that the person who made this album was someone like It’s called “Sewerslvt” or something like that, I don’t know who they are mostly, but I guess I don’t, the person who sampled (and how everyone describes it, it’s not real music, it’s just audio) disgusting real audio like this The stuff is not someone I even want to investigate.

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