Quake remastered: the list of trophies and achievements is available

Information tip Quake remastered: the record of trophies and achievements is offered

Since yesterday, the remaster of the enduring FPS Quake has arrived on consoles and PC. On the event of the launch of the enduring Bethesda manufacturing, we revealed the record of trophies for the sport introduced at QuakeCon 2021.

Discover beneath the record of 36 trophies by Quake, accessible from August 19 On PlayStation 4 (22 Bronze, 8 Silver, 5 Gold, and 1 Platinum):

Bronze trophies (22)

  • Drowned in electrical horror

    Full Episode 1 of Quake: Dimension of the Damned solo.

  • On the backside of the properly

    Full Episode 2 of Quake: Kingdom of the Darkish Arts solo.

  • Beneath the blue rooms

    Full Quake: The Shallows Solo Episode 3

  • The final unexplored path

    Full Quake: The Historical World Episode 4 solo.

  • Indigestion

    Remove Shub-Niggurath alone

  • Transdimensional traveler

    Full Scourge of Armagon: Fortress of the Useless Episode 1 solo.

  • Dominated kingdom

    Full Scourge of Armagon: Kingdom of Darkness Episode 2 solo.

  • Armagon and endlessly

    Full Scourge of Armagon: The Rift Solo Episode 3.

  • Overlord over-death

    Full Dissolution of Eternity: Hell Fortress Solo Episode 1

  • Dragon hunter

    Full Dissolution of Eternity: Corridors of Time Solo Episode 2

  • Yr zero

    Full Dimension of the Previous solo

  • Revenge denied

    Full the dimension of the machine solo

  • Vertical revenge

    Discover the key exit in Quake Episode 1: Dimension of the Damned

  • By no means once more

    Discover the key exit in Quake Episode 2: The Realm of Darkish Arts

  • The winding fiery highway

    Discover the key exit in Quake Episode 3: The Shallows

  • Within the city of Sandy

    Discover the key exit in Quake Episode 4: The World of the Ancients

  • Army advanced

    Discover the key exit in Scourge of Armagon Episode 1: Fortress of the Useless

  • The gremlin area

    Discover the key exit in Scourge of Armagon Episode 2: Darkish Kingdom

  • The lengthy stroll

    Discover the key exit in Scourge of Armagon Episode 3: The Rift

  • The dominion of destruction

    Discovering the key exit within the dimension of the previous

  • Sandy’s room

    Discover the key exit in Dimension of the Machine

  • Secret detective

    Discover a secret space

Silver Trophies (8)

  • The wishing properly

    Discover the Wishing Properly in Crypt of Decay

  • You do not have to do something right here!

    Discover the key message in Tur Torment

  • Allied hearth

    Kill a monster with the assault of one other monster.

  • Dump

    In a deathmatch, shock an enemy within the water with out dying.

  • The dance of the lout

    Kill a heavy earlier than it may launch its lightning assault.

  • A detailed shave

    Kill a Heavy with an ax

  • The painless maze

    Full E4M6: The Ache Maze on Nightmare problem with out taking harm.

  • Pacifist Teleporter

    Full E1M1: The Slipgate Complicated on Nightmare problem with out firing a single shot.

Gold Trophies (5)

  • Shub’s pal

    Full Quake on Nightmare problem solo.

  • Fluid scourge

    Full Scourge of Armagon on Nightmare problem solo.

  • Lone ranger

    Full Dissolution of Eternity on Solo Nightmare problem.

  • From one other world

    Full Dimension of the Previous on Nightmare problem solo.

  • Machine head

    Full Dimension of the Machine on Nightmare problem solo.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • Nice previous man

    You could have conquered all of the realms of the Elder Gods. Congratulations.

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