Who is Quandale dingle meme? Aztrosist Meme Review – video

Quandale Dingle refers to a series of silly ahh shitpost memes about a Pennsauken High School football player named “Quandale Dingle,” based on a viral screenshot of the PC login screen of a man of the same name. The earliest known upload of the screenshot was posted to Twitter in September 2021, and the retweet went viral, inspiring more memes referencing the name and its absurdity. In late 2021-early 2022, people began to use twisted characters (mostly black men) to portray Quandale Dingle in witty memes. The name also inspired a trend of TikTokers creating parody RapTV posts about Quandale.

Quandale Dingle is a veteran football player for Pennsauken Football. [12] He was the No. 25 player for the Pensoken Indians. Quandale can be seen wearing a full football uniform (see below) in the video of the match against the Millville Thunderbolts uploaded to YouTube[13] by QBC TV on 12 November 2021.

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On September 13, 2021, TikTok[16] user @asapfeet posted a video of the PC login screen of a user named Quandale Dingle, with the black text box above the screenshot saying “Who’s that stupid ass name?” six times Over 18,600 monthly hits (see below). That day, Twitter[3] user @slashafilm posted screenshots.

On September 14, 2021, Instagram[1] user Supremecheetos retweeted a cropped version of the meme. That day, the meme was retweeted on the Memes Facebook[2] page to please discerning gentlemen, and received over 1,000 shares and 2,000 replies within six months. On September 18, 2021, Instagram[4] user memixes reposted a humorous compilation of the 21st century from the private TikTok account @remsoios, starting with pictures, which garnered over 32,000 views in six months (see below).

The strange nature of the name has inspired more memes associated with it. On Sept. 23, Instagram user pastor.flacc posted a photo of a dog with the name on it, and it garnered more than 2,900 likes in six months (see bottom left).

Ecco2ksdirtytoiletwater posted a picture with the screen name “Aidan Dookie” and the description “goofy ass name bruh😇😂 quandale dingle” and received over 3,600 likes in a similar amount of time. On December 20, iFunny[7] user M3meGoblin posted a witty image macro with the phrase “my mate Quandale Dingle” and an image of a black man (see bottom right). It was retweeted to the daddy_jungles Instagram page on February 3, 2022, and garnered over 9,500 likes within a month.

On February 12, 2022, TikToker @seggs.guy posted a video in which he parodied a RapTV-style news article about Quandale Dingle using an image from Twitter[11] user @ayedocc, his image distorted by a Stairhead and Hands represents Alldale and was viewed over 26,000 times in a month (see below).

The format has grown in popularity throughout the month. On February 14th, TikToker @obitra posted another similar meme and garnered over 300,000 views in two weeks (see below). On February 22, the same TikToker posted another such edit, using an edited image of the nose-twisted rapper NBA Youngboy as a qudale, and garnered more than 58,000 views in a week (see image below right).

The image of the head-twisted @ayedocc and NBA Youngboy went on to become Quandale Dingle’s most widely shared description, inspiring more TikTok memes and Photoshop on Twitter and Instagram. On February 23, 2022, Twitter[9] user @epicbagelTikTok posted one of the images quoting “Fortnite at the time: Interesting weekly update Quandale Dingle:” and received 30 in six days Multiple likes. On February 25th, Twitter[10] user @classicyeeter posted a Hood Network parody post featuring the image of Youngboy (see below).

On March 6th, TikToker[14][15] @fitnesscf posted a series of videos in which he posted clips of the real Quandale, as well as a series of DMs between him and Quandale imitators, which each generated over 48,000 followers in a single day. and 40,000. Received 66,000 views (left and right below). The authenticity of the Quandale video has not been verified.