Queeneth Hilbert leaked twitter video, breaks silence

Nollywood actress Queenie Hilbert has broken her silence and angrily cursed people behind a critically acclaimed manipulative adult video that has been circulating the internet.

The Asaba-based actress called on God to lead her fight through her Instagram page to expose everyone behind the scandalous video. In a long article, she said:

“My attention was drawn to a nude video of a woman claiming to be me, Queen Hilbert. I want to make it clear that I am not the person in the video. I have never made a pornographic video and never will be. I also don’t show my intimate or nude videos publicly. This is intentional to tarnish my reputation, but I certainly wouldn’t be intimidated by their viciousness.

My attorneys are already investigating the source of the unfair video and its damaging effect on my name and reputation. Note: Please swipe to see my real video, even if the fingers are different, talk more about the belly! ! I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my family, my fans, and everyone who has expressed concern. “

Queen Hilbert also accused her Nollywood peers of being behind the aforementioned video, which was designed to tarnish her image. She went on to vent:

“I’ve never smelled that jealousy and hatred in my life! They used the DEEPFAKE APP to smear my image. I’ve always lived in this industry. I’ve never had a tattoo in my life, let alone a waist bead. .

My appendix and C-section didn’t even show up in the nude video? Does this mean that all the pain I’ve endured in bed in the theater is in vain? ? A generation…let their souls rest in peace…let their names be struck from the book of life and into the book of death.

I refuse to be blackmailed! ! ! ! Father God, I will avenge you and fight for me. My hands are clean! ! ! Come save me, oh Lord, I have fought the silent battle, but it is time for you to show the world that I am in your service. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen. I need you noooooooooow Jesus. “