Rachel Larratt dead and Obituary, A life well lived in the most personal way

Those of you who have been here a long time on Lotustalk probably saw posts from Rachel when she had her Elise. She was very active in the Lotus community for a long timeand recently the Savage Garage crew’s videos. Sad times for the car community lately.

Rachel Larratt Obituary – The Rachel Larratt Obituary is one of the most moving articles I’ve ever read. Rachel was a very close friend of mine who passed away last spring and reading her story brought back many memories of our time together.

Rachel Larratt lives her life in a very personal way. She was born Dorothy and Karl Larratt on July 3, 1951 in Ogdensburg, New York. Rachel was a loving wife, mother and sister who will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Rachel is also an avid horse rider and enjoys spending time with her horses and family. As an artist, Rachel enjoys painting, carving and quilting. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with many friends. Rachel passed away peacefully at home on December 17 after a long battle with cancer. She is 74 years old. Throughout her life, Rachel touched the lives of many with her beautiful character and kind heart. She will be fondly remembered by all those lucky enough to know her.

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Rachel Larratt, 68, of Salem, died of natural causes on Monday, February 5. Rachel was born in San Francisco on December 26 and grew up in the Bay Area. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology and moved to Oregon in the early ’80s to start her own family. Rachel has had an amazing career as a school psychologist and is very passionate about working with children and their families. She also enjoys spending time with her husband Bill, their three children and family. Throughout her life, Rachel has been generous and loved giving back to her community. To commemorate Rachel’s life,