Who is Rand Gauthier? video scandal leaked – Who Stole and Sold the Sex Tape in Hulu’s Pam and Tommy

When Rand Gauthier (played by Seth Rogen in Hulu’s Pam & Tommy) buys a video in Hollywood – a recording he stole from the home of former employer (and Mötley Crüe drummer) Tommy Lee showing Lee having an affair with newlywed Pamela Anderson Sexual relationship – he wants to destroy Lee.

Instead, the opposite seems to have happened. Lee didn’t seem to be concerned about the leak, which not only boosted his rock star celebrity status, but also provided him with material and propaganda for the future, including a memoir. “I made his career and that’s what happened,” Gauthier told Rolling Stone nearly 20 years later.

Rand Gauthier

When interviewed in 2014, Gauthier was also an electrician growing marijuana in his California garage. He is 57 years old.

That story retold in Pam & Tommy is true. But while the sequence of events remains largely accurate (or at least consistent with Gauthier’s claim that he may have exaggerated some details of Lee’s heist), its participants are somewhat different.

As the Rolling Stone article on which the series is based, Gauthier — not the namesake duo of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson — takes center stage. He is the central character of the story, its instigator.

This is the true story of the man who stole the tape.

Who is Rand Gauthier?

According to Rolling Stone cited above, Gauthier grew up in Los Angeles, the son of a Jehovah’s Witness. He became interested in cults and conspiracies.

Before he met Tommy Lee, Gauthier was a porn star — sort of. He dated a porn actress in the 1980s and later joined her on camera under the name “Austin Moore”. Gauthier performed in over 70 adult videos of the 90s. He even married his co-star, got divorced, and started dating more actresses.

Gauthier also worked as an electrician and was hired for Lee’s home improvement job. He worked for three months before being fired.

Lee owes Gauthier $20,000 for his work, but he’s tired of Lee and Anderson and just wants to leave. When he and the general contractor returned to collect their tools, the Rolling Stone story said, Lee pointed a shotgun at Gauthier and said, “Get off my property.”

Gauthier begins searching for Lee’s residence, awaiting revenge. He told reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis that he evaded security cameras by disguising himself as the couple’s dog with a white fur rug.

Gauthier claims he went to the couple’s bedroom before stealing the safe. He saw it open after he left the house.

Gauthier was working at a porn studio in North Hollywood at the time. He took the tape there first, where he and a partner made copies before destroying the originals. They then went out to find a publisher, but were repeatedly accused of not signing a distribution deal with Lee and Anderson.

The pair ended up getting funds from a man with ties to a New York mob family. They would advertise online and sell the tapes to buyers. Gauthier manages the shipments while those around him sell copies of the tapes themselves to make a quick buck.

The tapes came out, and Gauthier was soon accosted by a gang of bikers who had been hunting down distributors. (Rumour has it that Lee used his Hell’s Angels connection to find Gauthier.)

By now, the tapes were all over the place, and Gauthier was so paranoid about revenge that he spent more than a year in hiding with friends. Other sites were already selling tapes themselves, and in 1997 Gauthier and his partners were forced to shut down the site, still without paying their mob-related supporters. Gauthier eventually became a mob debt collector to pay off his share of the debt.

With the tape spreading beyond everyone’s control, Gauthier focused on his electrical work and distanced himself from friends who thought he was hoarding huge profits. He later moved to the coast to get away from it all.

When asked about the 2014 tape, he said he would sometimes tell people he stole it, even if they didn’t believe him. Of the tape itself, he said: “It’s cute. They’re in love, and they’re a couple, and they just have fun with each other, which I think is great. I’m jealous. I wish I had something like that.”