Randy Herman Jr Obituary – in brooke preston Hulu – Real Sleepwalking Murder Case

Randy Herman Jr.’s escape to heaven to start a new life quickly turned into a nightmare because he accidentally killed 21-year-old roommate Brook Preston in his sleep (Brooke Preston). Hulu’s new documentary Dead Asleep tells Randy’s frightening true story and asks the question: “Remorse Randy really committed a brutal murder in his sleep, or is it a convenient cover story?”

MRandom News Randy Herman Jr Obituary - in brooke preston Hulu - Real Sleepwalking Murder Case

Co-produced by Pulse Films and Sky Crime, exclusive interviews with Randy and his family, reporters covering the case, defense and prosecution lawyers, forensic psychiatrists, and world experts in the field of violent parasomnia as they are exploring controversial murders case.

“Brook [and] Randy moved here to start a new life in Florida,” said one interviewee in the trailer. “They always laugh, swim, play ball, and always have a lot of fun. He and Brook grew up together, they are like brothers and sisters.”

But the good times didn’t last long, and the trailer cut to Randy’s 911 call. “You need to send the police. Someone was murdered. I’m sorry, it’s me.”

“I just remember standing on her with a knife in her hand,” Randy said in the trailer. “I don’t remember anything that just happened.”

Although Brooke was “stabbed 25 times,” many interviewees believed that Randy had no intention to kill her and added that he was “kind and friendly.”

“There is something wrong with this case. When the police interrogated Randy, he regretted what had happened,” Assistant Public Defender Joe Walsh explained. “I definitely feel that he has severe amnesia about this matter, and then he definitely lacks motivation.”

When Dead Asleep premiered on Hulu on Thursday, December 16, find out the truth behind this shocking murder.

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