Red Dirt Randy (Randy Crouch) is dead – cause of death

Huge to the Red Dirt music scene. He was loved by many.

Randy Crouch (born April 1, 1952) is a multi-instrumentalist from Oklahoma. In eastern Oklahoma, Crouch is known as a violinist. Although he is known as “the best rock violinist in the world”, Crouch also plays guitar and pedal steel guitar and other instruments.

Randy Crouch (Randy Crouch) was born on April 1, 1952 in Dallas, Texas, to his mother Ruth Emma McMinn Crouch (Ruth Emma McMinn Crouch) and father Herbert ยท Lee Crouch (Hurbert Lee Crouch) was born in Randall Byron Crouch (Randall Byron Crouch). At that time, his father was studying at the Southern Methodist Seminary. Later he went on to become a missionary of the Methodist Church. Randy is the eldest of the three children. Randy is followed closely by his sister, now Lisa Perry 18 months later, and his youngest brother Dean Crouch 18 months later.

After his father graduated, the family moved from Dallas to Garden City, Texas in 1954. As a missionary, Randy’s father often moved. They left Garden City in 1956, went to Clyde, Texas in 1956, and went to the Texas Heat in 1959. Randy started high school in Canada, Texas, and the family moved there in 1962. Then they moved to Crosbyton, Texas, where Randy completed his high school studies.

His parents provided a diversified musical background including piano lessons, and Crouch also began to play Ukulele and guitar. His grandfather can play the violin, which has a great influence on him. Crouch learned to play the violin from the Meir Bay Mandolin instruction manual. Since the tuning of these two instruments is the same-the violin has no fret, which makes the mandolin easier to play in tune-all this has been transferred to the violin. In his freshman year of high school, Crouch began to play in a band and has been playing music ever since.