Regrettable! It is revealed that 59% of women who play video games hide their gender to avoid harassment

UNITED STATES.- In an extremely regrettable way, the portal Research3 has done a survey where it has been revealed that gamers do not feel that they have a safe space to play. Therefore, it was specified that the 59% of the women who spend their time in video game suffer from bullying by other male players, a reprehensible fact.

In this sense, Research3 Insights and Lenovo who applied a study to more than 900 female gamers in the United States, Germany and China. They were questioned about their habits, their perception and the way in which they are treated. And the results have been amazing and terrible, as 59% of them choose not to reveal their gender to avoid harassment situations in the various games.

“A lot of times I end up playing as male characters in MMORPGs so that people don’t realize that I’m a girl. We try to hide who we are so that people don’t flirt with us, send us things or send us messages that we don’t really want; or photos ”, revealed a woman. This is not something new and obviously, developers must do something about it.

Source: Pexels.

Likewise, it was indicated that 77% of the women who have been surveyed affirmed that at some point they were victims of discrimination based on gender. In addition, among the comments are questioning his abilities for video game (70%). Sexist and misogynistic expressions (65%). Condescension (50%). And there are requests to establish a relationship (44%).

On the other hand, 80% of the women who were surveyed assured that they are comfortable with the female representation made by the developers in AAA video games. 71% believe that there should be more representation of them on gameplay sites. 61% also ask that companies be able to create female-only esports teams in elite competitions, something that would undoubtedly bridge the gender gap.


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