Now – Renton shooting today – Man shoots randomly at buildings

NEW: Renton police responded to reports of an armed subject on Monday afternoon and officers shot a person who allegedly charged at them with a gun, according to a department spokesperson.

Authorities said that on Monday afternoon, a Renton police officer shot and killed a man after receiving a report that the suspect shot randomly at a building in the 500 block southwest of 7th Street.

According to a written statement from the police, the identity of the man was not immediately confirmed and he died on the spot.

The investigators did not disclose the identity of the Renton police officers involved, but said they will take administrative leave, which is a routine after the police officers’ shootings. No other injuries were reported. It is not clear why the man opened fire in the area. According to investigators, the police received a call shortly before 2 pm and rushed to the 500 block of SWth 7th Street.

When they arrived, they found the man in the 500 block of Stevens Ave. SW, who allegedly carried a weapon. According to the police, they ordered the suspect to put down the gun, but he refused. According to the police statement, the police shot the man “to prevent imminent threats to themselves and others.”

The live video showed that several police officers and most of the nearby area were surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. Motorists are advised to avoid the area because the police closed several roads while investigating the incident. No other injuries were reported immediately.

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