Research shows that Charmander is the most popular Pokémon in Brazil

Amongst all 151 monsters from the primary era of Pokémon, Charmander, the preliminary of fireplace, is the preferred in Brazil. The data was shared by The Toy Zone, which used searches for every little creature on Google as its analysis methodology.

In relation to the opposite South American nations, Peru and Chile share Charmander with Brazil, whereas Bulbasaur it’s most popular in Argentina and Uruguay. Pikachu it additionally seems because the desire in Ecuador, Bolivia and Suriname. Within the different 4 nations, the result’s fairly different, with Paraguay Snorlax, Venezuela with Eevee, Colombia with Squirtle and Guyana with Gyarados.

Going into the worldwide rating, Pikachu seems first, representing about one in 10 Pokémon-related searches. Closing the world high 5 we nonetheless have so as: Charizard, Onix, Mewtwo and Eevee

Additionally it is value noting some tendencies by continent, reminiscent of in Europe, the place Charizard it’s the preferred in 9 nations. One other fascinating element is that though the preliminary three are extraordinarily iconic, they have been unnoticed of the Prime 10, with Bulbasaur showing in eleventh, Charmander in 14th and Squirtle in sixteenth.

The most recent sport in the primary Pokémon collection is Pokémon Sword and Protect, obtainable solely for Nintendo Swap.

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