Revealed! Why does Checo Pérez wear the number 11 when he runs?

Czech Pérez He is a big fan of football, especially of the team of his loves, the America from Mexico. The team driver Red bull is a faithful follower of this sport, and is often seen in the Aztec stadium, accompanying America. However, he revealed that in his day to day the squad accompanies him, from his beginnings to his highest level.

In his beginnings in the world of karting, Pérez had to choose a number that would accompany him in his youth championships. There, the Mexican had to make the decision quickly and quickly remembered the club of his loves and his soccer idol: Ivan Zamorano. Zamorano was part of the 2002 America champion squad, and a pillar of the Mexican club.

«I admired a footballer named Iván Zamorano, he used the number 11 when I was in Kart categories and I asked to have that number. Since then he has accompanied me, in fact my personal email is 11 “, explained ‘Checo’ in a video published by the official account of the Formula 1.

Zamorano with the 11?

‘Bam Bam’ is one of the most remembered footballers of recent years. The Chilean pioneered the use of numbers in soccer. When i was in the Inter de Milan, shared equipment with the historical Ronaldo Nazario, who wore 9. But Zamorano wanted that shirt, and ended up wearing the number 18 with a small detail: 1 + 8.

For his part, in America he had to use the number 11, since on his arrival to the Mexican team the number 9 was worn by the Argentine Jose Luis Calderon. Zamorano wore 11 for a semester and even managed to win a title in the ‘Aguilas’. In 2002 they achieved the Mexican league title.

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