Revealing interview of Mateu Lahoz: Injury, Mbappé and even proposals to put hair

The renowned referee Mateu lahoz held an in-depth interview in El Partidazo of COPE and Radio MARCA, the referee referred to his injury prior to the Classic to how he calls some players and even offers to get hair done. A talk with various nuances that showed another face of the center-back who claimed to be proud of his work and of the challenges that he must solve every day.

Lahoz revealed details of his injury prior to El Clásico during the match between PSG Y Bayern: «At the halfway point of the first half there is a player who hits me in the calf and that makes me twitch. The end of the first part and throughout the second part, you are warm and it does not affect you in the race, but the pain was high, “he said. «The next day I see that I can’t. There is no time for them to treat you at rest, it was the typical sandwich, “he said.

He affirmed that over the years he found the balance to work professionally and, incidentally, enjoy this type of commitment: “Today I can tell you that I enjoy it and every day more. We are privileged. Football entertains me and how can it not do it being in the front line. You can enjoy it, but without losing responsibility “, confessed the professional referee.

Mbappé and Neymar

In addition, he confessed how he treats several international soccer stars: “I always call him Kylian. He speaks Spanish perfectly and understands perfectly. In soccer, the master language is Spanish. Soccer lingo is understood by almost everyone. Neymar depends on anger, if you are well Ney and if not, Neymar. I usually call them by their names because I always have, although in Regional it was harder for me ”.

When he was rebuked for problems with a player, he replied: “There are no players that I like very badly or badly. There have been players who I have not understood. There are times when you understand that a player protests you because he has made a great effort, but at other times when the proposal does not match reality, you can only look him in the eye. Every game, every situation is different. In the end you try to erase what happened »

Finally, he spoke of looking at the cell phone at halftime: «Before, I always did it and I have never hidden it because it was a situation in which I could contribute. Now with the VAR everything is reviewed and it is not necessary. The VAR is a very good tool for football and it helps us ”, he commented. Not without first saying that he has even received offers to change his appearance, “but my children and my wife tell me that they look good on me like this.”

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