Richard lowtax kyanka is really dead? what has happened to him?

On reddit, the rumor of the death of the creator of the Something Awful site, Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka, has spread, which has surprised many of his followers who have left their messages for the story creator on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

He was critical to getting Mega64 to get off the ground and served as the publisher of the original DVD releases for version 1 and version 2. He has a short cameo as a background clip, in the green screen clip of “Suddenly, Ezra is Not So Alone” He provided the voice saying “cowpokez” in the Mega64 video Cowpokez. He once had a nightmare when Rocco beat up his family. (wtf lmao) He appeared briefly in Mega64 Podcast 54.

Who Killed Richard Kyanka?

Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka was born on May 11, 1976 in Charlotte, North Carolina. After he went to college, he was the creator and owner of, which he founded in 1999 to vent his current employer. The site quickly developed into one of the most popular online sites and has helped shape Internet culture since the early 2000s. Rich is a webmaster, writer, musician, director, and sound technician. He lives with his wife Ashli​​Kyanka and three daughters in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

watching true internet weirdos grapple with maybe richard kyanka is actually dead but maybe not and wow man that’s sad but also lol but not really but sort of true posters lack the ability to process any information on any meaningful level, and we love them for that

Some Awful (SA) is a comedy website that offers a variety of content, including blog posts, forums, curated articles, digitally edited images, and humorous comments in the media. It was created by Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka in 1999 and is primarily a personal website, but as it develops, its contributors and content are growing as well. The website helped perpetuate various Internet phenomena and is believed to have had an impact on Internet culture. In 2018, Gizmodo was ranked 89th on their list of “100 Websites That Shaped The Internet As We Know It.”

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