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My research involves identifying the underlying factors of risky and antisocial behaviour in young people and developing interventions to reduce these problematic behaviours. The focus is on conduct disorders and oppositional defiant disorders in children and adolescents, and dangerous driving in young drivers.

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Other works deal with suicide, self-mutilation and alcoholism. I have been involved in evaluating existing assessments (such as the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership) and designing novel interventions, which take a variety of forms from group meetings to fact sheets.

In all cases, the intervention was based on an understanding of the causal factors behind the target behavior and the theory of behavior change.

Dotse J & Rowe R (2021) Modelling road accident risk in Ghana using the Manchester Driver Behavior Questionnaire. Safety Science, 139. Check out this article in WRRO. RIS Download Bibtex Download
Rowe R, Maurice-Smith M, Mahmood M, Shuja A, and Gibson D (2021) Understanding Intentions Overriding Intelligence Velocity Support Before Wide Availability: An Application of Planned Behavior Theory.