Roadies 2022 winner leaked twitter, 1st Runner-up, Prize Money – Season 18

On July 9, 2022, Bhatia and Nandu were declared as the winners of Roadies 2022 (Season 18, India). The popular reality show pitted three buddy pairs as the top finalists. These six finalists will be performing in the last task of the season. The previous day saw Gaurav and Simi getting eliminated from the Quad bike racing task before reaching the grand finale. The Season 18 winner of Roadies 2022 won not only the title this year, but also 10 lakhs in prize money, an Infinix Zero 5G phone, and other gifts.

The winners were given the prize money along with the title at this years finale, which was held on July 10th 2022 on Voot and MTV. The winner will be determined by the scores of the last task performed by each teams Buddy pair on the day of the finale.

Four pairs consisting of buddies Kevin Almasifar and Moose Jattana, Simi Talsania and Gaurav Alugh, Yukti Arora and Jashwanth Bopanna, and Ashish Bhatia and Nandini G have made it to the semi finals of Roadies 18. Their hard work during the tasks has earned Kevin and Moose a spot in the finale. Among all the four buddy pairs, Ashish and Nandini have shown a consistent performance worthy of a winner every weekend since they started working together in the middle of the show.

Many other buddy pairs have mentioned that their main competitors during the tasks are Ashish and Nandini due to their excellent teamwork. Kevin and Mooses unity work was affected by personal reasons, but since they have worked past their differences, they have proven to be a strong duo to compete against, both in Roadies Season 18: Safaring in Africa and as the winners of the show. Ashish-Nandini are most likely to win the title of Ultimate Champion and come out as the winners of Roadies 18, due to their strong performance throughout the show.

Gaurav and Simi were considered to be underdogs of the whole show, as they were not expected to make it to the finale. However, they have proved everyone wrong by making it to the grand finale. Jash-Yukti is a unpredictable pair, because they are paired together only a week before the Finale week. Their partners were Ashish and Nandini, and Moose and Kevin, who were eliminated in a previous task. They have an advantage that they can use during the Finale week because of their great skills practiced in the previous tasks.

The main competition is between Ashish-Nandini and Kevin-Moose, but the winner will be decided by the audience during the last task. Other seasons have had unexpected winners, due to the final task, which has happened before.