Ronnie Weiss Below Deck – Who Are Ronnie & Jodi Weiss, Season 9 Charter Guests?

Charter guests Ronnie and Jodi Weiss impressed the crew of the “under deck” season 9 of “My Sianna” and their son Todd. Ronnie and his wife Jody boarded the superyacht to celebrate Ronnie’s 75th birthday with family and friends.

MRandom News Ronnie Weiss Below Deck - Who Are Ronnie & Jodi Weiss, Season 9 Charter Guests?

According to the charter guests’ preference table, the co-primary charter guest Ronnie is a “self-made real estate entrepreneur”. He and Jody also like to enjoy food in high-end restaurants, drive luxury cars and take private jets. Ronnie is a real estate tycoon who has founded more than a dozen companies. He and Jody live in Bloomfield, Michigan, where their good friend Jeremy Morton and his wife Stacey live. Jeremy, his wife Stacie and their two children are the other main charter guests on this superyacht tour.

Jody, perhaps in joking and under-deck tradition, often attacked Captain Lee during the journey and dinner. She is also passionate about fitness with Stacey, and asks her son and fitness coach Todd to help her exercise. Captain Li didn’t seem to mind being noticed, and only spoke some kind words to all the guests on the chartered flight.

Ronnie was also very tanned and said in the show that he was “tan”. Although in the reality show, Jody and Ronnie did not seem to have public information on any social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

On the other hand, Ronnie and Jodi’s son Todd Wiess does have active social media. He not only owns his own Instagram, but also has a second Instagram account for his personal fitness trainer business. On his fitness Instagram account, he posted daily exercise tips.

When he was a guest on the superyacht “My Sianna”, his chiseled physique caught the attention of chief stew Heather Chase and chef Rachel Hargrove. Todd also has an older brother, he did not participate in this trip, he is an actor. Before Todd became a personal trainer, including a personal trainer for his family and friend Stacie, he was a professional baseball player. Captain Li mentioned in his blog that Todd had encountered setbacks in his baseball career (maybe it was a sports injury, but it’s still unclear), but it didn’t make him back down and switch to a career as a fitness coach.

In the unreleased episode 6, Under Deck staff will join Ronnie and his family to host Ronnie’s 75th birthday with a fitness-themed birthday party entirely based on the 80s. What will happen to Jodi, Ronnie and Todd’s journey for the remainder of Season 9 of “Under the Deck”? Look up at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday.

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