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Rorochan_1999 is a live broadcast anchor, born in 1999 (her official birthday is unknown, but it is believed to be January 26.) She started broadcasting live on the Japanese video sharing service Niconico in 2012. Most of her early webcasts were Including her singing, playing the piano and talking to the audience. Over time, she began to participate in more dangerous stunts, such as crashing into traffic and standing on the edge of the roof of her apartment. She claimed that she wanted to be a legend on the Internet, even if it meant she was dead. After her death, her story was reported by some Japanese news stations.

MRandom News Rorochan_1999 death video leaked - 2 canadian school serena mckay

The live broadcast started on November 24, 2013, Roro pointed the camera at the lower part of her mask. People saw her in trouble, and when she squatted on the balcony, she could hear soft murmurs. The obvious Japanese “I am scared” can be heard.

After a while, the camera approached the edge of the balcony and fell, and Rollo let out a faint scream. A loud “bang” was heard. The camera faces a strong light until it loses connection.

Except for the local news station’s broadcast report on the story and several articles in the newspaper, the incident received little media coverage or widespread attention at first. Until 2019, Japanese rock band Shinsei Kamattechan released an animated music video of their song “Ruru’s Suicide Show” to pay tribute to Rorochan. Once the song became popular, this story caused a sensation on the Internet. Since then, a large number of documentaries and tribute videos about Rorochan_1999 and her story have been uploaded. The original footage has long been deleted from Niconico, but an archived version of her video stream can be found on YouTube. A disturbing clip that may have hit Rorochan_1999 and was ignored by her mother has also been archived.

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