Route 208 nj accident today – Jackknifed tanker closes route 208 just before the evening rush

Just before the start of the rush hour on Monday night, a jacked tanker closed off Highway 208 southbound at the Glen Rock/Fair Lawn border. Shortly after 5 pm, Glenlock Police Chief Dean Ackermann said: “Serious traffic delays are expected during peak hours.” “Drivers are required to find alternative routes as much as possible.” Ackerman said that a serious backup began immediately after a car accident outside of Harristown Road around 4pm.

“A fuel truck hit the back of a truck and transporter combination, causing the fuel truck to break and spill fuel onto the highway,” he said. The person in charge said that there were no reports of injuries.

He said the Glen Rock firefighters began to clean up the fuel spill while waiting for the state Department of Transportation staff. Citywide Towing dispatched a heavy wrecker to dismantle the drilling platform.

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