Roy Holder is dead – Obituary – cause of death

So sad to hear Roy Holder (Krelper from Caves Of Androzani) has passed away aged 75. CAVES is by far my favourite Classic Doctor Who story and Roy put on such an amazing performance during this episode. My condolences to his friends and family.

So very sad to see Roy Holder has left us. I corresponded with him a few times last year and he was an utter down to Earth gent. Corazón negroHe was in one of my fave Steptoe eps ‘Back in Fashion’ and of course, starred in Ace of Wands (amongst 100 other things!)

Roy Holder did a lot of TV, mostly adaptations of classics, but he also appeared on DOCTOR WHO and a magical cult series: ACE OF WANDS. His last films were PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, WAR HORSE (BATTLE HORSE) and ROBIN HOOD with Russell Crowe. Rest in peace.

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