Rubi Rose and ddg leaked on onlyf in twitter and reddit videos

DDG called the internet “gullible” because he believed rumors that he and Halle Belle were ending their relationship. However, despite his denials, drama continues to surround the couple. Now the rapper’s ex, Rubi Rose, has joined the chat. She apparently called the Wolverine earlier this weekend after he passed on one of her old shirts to his new beau.

The Little Mermaid actress recently posted a story on her Instagram page. Barefaced and wearing a black and white T-shirt, she wished her followers a good morning. The video focused more on Bailey’s face than her dress, but internet sleuths were still quick to notice that the top was identical to one Ross had previously worn in 2020 . At the time, she posted a series of selfies with the caption: “I know he’s lying…but fuck it, so am I.”

Shortly after the R&B singer posted her story, DDG’s ex shared a revealing message on her Twitter page. “[Your] bitch is crazy [wearing] my clothes lol,” she wrote on Saturday (February 11). Of course, fans immediately thought the message must be about Halle. “You’re here to talk about The Little Mermaid and what you’re referring to is going to be a mess,” one person said.

“She probably ripped off the Fashion Nova shirt like you did, relax,” another troll chimed in. She first defended her typo in the first tweet, declaring, “I’m still pissed off by ‘migos bae, my b’.” Then, in another post, she made it clear that her grievances were hers ex, not his new girlfriend.

“I love Halle,” the 25-year-old confirmed in a short but sweet post. “DDG is a weird fad.” Unfortunately for them, the YouTuber’s fans were quick to come up with receipts for the move, even if their behavior was downright obnoxious. Below are screenshots of social media posts with statements like “DDG fcks my ass is awesome” and “DDG got the best dck in the world.”

The replies received little attention from Ross, though they continued to flow through her site. Elsewhere online, some have capitalized on Bailey’s breakup rumors, even launching a petition calling for her to find a new man. It was officially launched earlier this week and has already received more than 1,600 signatures.