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Anna Mukydza first noticed issues with her OnlyF account when the Russian adult content creator received messages from subscribers telling her they couldn’t make payments.

“People can’t renew their subscription, and when it needs to be renewed, it’s automatically rejected and people are canceled,” she told Euronews Next.

Mukydza is one of many OnlyF creators in Russia and Belarus whose accounts were banned after Russia invaded Ukraine. Like many others, she uses the platform to create and sell adult content, which she says makes up 40% of her income.

A few days later, her account was back. But it came at a price: Mukydza estimates she lost about a quarter of her subscribers and about 1,000 euros in revenue.

“The biggest problem for me is that they don’t ban Russian users, they only ban Russian creators,” she said.

“So you think government leaders have OnlyF and post pictures of their dicks and make money from them? Or for Russian leaders [so] they never see my profile anymore?”

OnlyF said in a statement that it restored the accounts of its Russian creators. The platform said the disruption came after the country’s financial institutions were hit by sanctions that limited their ability to process international transactions.

“We are not terminating or suspending any creator accounts based on the creator’s location, and we are doing everything we can to support our community,” the company said.