Who is s_hades1? S hades1 reddit videos and photos leaked – whats happened?

Over the weekend, apparently sometime around Sunday, Reddit banned a deepfakes community called r/deepfakesfw, dubbed “SFW” (safe for work). The subreddit was one of the first responses to the social media giant’s swift removal of the original, AI-porn-plagued r/deepfakes sub in 2018.

The (relatively) exemplary legend now greets everyone who visits the sub (archive snapshot, Monday, June 13), explaining that it was “banned for violating Reddit’s rules against involuntary pornography” “.

The r/deepfakesfw sub is not yet widely archived by popular protection platforms, but the latest WayBack Machine snapshot taken about ten days ago (June 3, 2022) shows that the sub had 3,095 readers at the time.

That’s actually more subscribers than r/DeepFakesSFW (note the extra “s”), which currently has 2,827 readers (archive snapshot for Monday, June 13, 2022). The most popular “legitimate” SFW deepfakes community right now seems to be r/SFWdeepfakes, with 16,636 readers at the time of writing (snapshot Monday, June 13, 2022).

It seems that r/deepfakesfw is destined not to post but to request deepfake porn. Reddit’s rules for pornographic media:

“[Images] or videos posted by others for the specific purpose of faking explicit content or soliciting ‘similar’ pornography (e.g., ‘deepfake’ or ‘bubble’ pornography) are also against the rules.”

According to the now-banned SFW sub’s last available RSS feed, it was requesting rather than posting the NSFW deepfake content that ultimately triggered the ban