Sachzna Laparan scandal video viral on twitter and Reddit leaked

Almost two years later, Sachzna Laparan talks about the video scandal that she spread on social networks.

In Ogie Diaz’s vlog, Ella Sachzna shared that even before her private video was posted, someone threatened to leak it. Ella sachzna said that she was in Singapore with her mother when the scandal broke.

“Before that video came out, someone chatted with me and did an IG story and tagged me… ‘Four days and you’ll be a scandal,'” the social media influencer said.

Sachzna immediately informed the brand that she was promoting the video release and apologized to them. Sachzna could not understand the motivation behind the scandal.

“Sometimes they have to ask for money not to go out, but this one, they really just wanted to destroy me, so she posted it,” the content creator said.

When she returned to the Philippines, he said, he was beaten up in person at the airport for the sensitive video. “So I literally cried the whole day there. I really cried,” Sachzna said.

Sachzna, for his part, admitted that he was wrong about the matter because he trusted his ex-boyfriend.

To make matters worse, Sachzna was even accused of spreading the video herself when she confronted her ex-boyfriend.

“You know what she said? Don’t you want to be famous? Sachzna remembered what her ex-boyfriend said as the scandal spread. Sachzna’s advice to young people is not to send nude videos and photos to your relationship because it could ruin you.

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