Sadananda Gowda video viral leaked (S3x Clip) – is ‘Deep Fake’?

Sadananda Gowda Alleged Sex Clip Leak Case: BJP MP Says ‘Morphed Deep Fake’ Video Is Making Rounds On Social Media, File Complaint

After an alleged sex scene went viral on social media, former union minister Sadananda Gowda issued a clarifying statement on Sunday. He said a “deeply false” video was circulating on social media. Gowda also filed a complaint regarding the alleged leak of sex clips.

Malefactors, who are upset by my rise on the political front, have brought out a fake, lewd video of mine for my fall. The video has become viral on social media, which pains me. A complaint has been filed with the concerned authorities, to arrest and punish the guilty parties immediately.

A representative of the Popular Party said: “Those villains who are upset about my political rise have made a false and obscene video about my fall.” Gowda wrote on Twitter: “Dear friends, a paragraph of mine. The modified (extremely false) The video has circulated on social networks. What I want to report is that the video is not me, it is used by my opponent. Acquired interest.” In another tweet, the former union minister said: “In addition, according to a court order, any forwarding.

Sadananda Gowda and the “fake and lewd video”

BJP leader and former federal minister DV Sadananda Gowda filed a complaint with the police for “modified (very fake) videos” circulating on social media.

The senior leader of the Popular Party clarified on Twitter that he was not the one in the video and added that the video was made to discredit his image.

“An (extremely false) video of me circulated on social media. What I want to report is that it is not me in the video, it was made by my opponents created to discredit my impeccable image,” he said. In a tweet.

He said he filed a complaint online and added that he has confidence in the system and hopes to catch the culprit as soon as possible.

“Also, according to the court order, anyone who forwards / uploads content will be punished in accordance with the relevant part of the law. If you know someone who does this, please email me,” he said in another tweet. .

He said that he has filed a complaint with the competent authorities to immediately arrest and punish the criminals.

He tweeted: “Those criminals who were upset about my rise on the political front made a fake and obscene video about my downfall. The video went viral on social media and it hurt me.”

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