Safaree and kimbella Matos

Safaree and kimbella Matos leaked twitter and reddit videos

Erica Mena and Safaree’s alleged new girlfriend Kimbella are involved in a back-and-forth on IG.

Kimbella Matos, who is dating love and hip-hop star Safaree Samuels, is hitting back at his ex-wife Erica Mena, who accused her husband of telling “whores” about their family business. While Erica didn’t name anyone at first, Kimbella Matos, who is openly dating Safaree, called out Erica Mena and even spilled tea on her fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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In an Instagram Story on Tuesday, Kimbella Matos shared a direct post with Erica Mena, who accused her of selling her body to an unnamed New York football player. Erica initially accused Safaree of speaking ill of her to Kimbella, but she did not name the model.

“It’s a strange trait to talk wildly about your little mother to your prostitute without knowing your child’s size. Stay safe,” she tweeted. The tweet drew a response from Kimbella, who accused Erica of talking to her a lot.

safaree and erica leaked

“It’s funny, I never say anything good or bad about your stupid uneducated ass because we’re all adults on two different levels psychologically, but money can’t buy you a new cat , isn’t it?” she asked on Instagram.

“When you’ve been sleeping with the whole industry, free and persistent, and recently sold your own pussy to a football player in New York City, you want to.” Talking about prostitution? ‘ she added.

She also accused Erica of being jealous of her. “Jealousy is a serious disease and kisses heal quickly, honey,” she finished her message, slapping Erica in the face as she ended her marriage to Safari.

Erica and Safaree got married in 2019, but within a year they started to have problems. The trouble continued after they had a daughter when Safari said he didn’t want another child and Erika Mena accused him of cheating on her. They now have two children, Saffire, 3, and Legend, 1.

As for Kimbella, Erica Mena referred to the model as a woman who was in the middle of her marriage last year. During her pregnancy with Legend, she had said that Safaree allegedly cheated on her with Matos and fooled around during her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Erica also responded to Matos, telling her she was “not the only prostitute Safari feeds his children”. In a lengthy post, she accused Kimbella Matos of selling out her body for cosmetic surgery, and she also claimed Matos was a child who agreed to get her through her after Safari asked her for help. Friends help clean up her credit.

Mena also accused Instagram models of stalking her.

“Kimbora, how do you know so much about my whereabouts? It must be tiring to keep track of me because I’m actually at work and don’t have to beg to pay the bills. Yes, Safaree says the same about you,” she told the model.