Safety pin! This is how you can put codes, colored letters and symbols in your Free Fire profile

USA.- Free fire it keeps bringing quite interesting updates. The news of Garena brings under its arm a large number of extensions and improvements in terms of customization of profile. Therefore, in the Intra News we will tell you how you can put codes, colored letters Y symbols to our “names” in one of the video game More popular.

First, to add symbols and codes to Free fire you must enter your profile. Select at the top left of the screen. And there we can add the changes we want. It only remains to copy and paste one that we like. Of course there are a good amount of these on the internet and it will only be necessary to google a few to choose the one that seems best to us.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of adding the famous “V” for verified. For this it is necessary to copy and paste this code: [b][c][FFFF00]? Something that is important to note is that it is not the official symbol, as this is reserved only for the influencers program, but it is undoubtedly an option to put our profile in tune and with a style that will undoubtedly be interesting.

Meanwhile, in order to put colored letters on the profile of Free fire we must access the video game chat. We will write the text that we want to have a special color. Therefore, there are a series of codes that can be very useful when sending and you only have to place it before the message, for example: [0000FF]We look forward to the arrival of the Cobra Project.

Codes to add color to your texts: [FFFF00] Yellow. [00FF00] Green. [FF0000] Red. [0000FF] Blue. [00FFFF] Light blue. [FF00FF] Rose. [FF9000] Orange. [6E00FF] Coffee. [CCFF00] Lime green. [0F7209] Dark green. [FFD3EF] Light pink. [FFFFFF] White. [000000] Black. [808000] Light brown. [482B10] Dark coffee. So now you know how to make your profile and chats a true Garena sensation.